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Lune Croissanterie, Fitzroy AU

Lune Croissanterie

119 Rose Street. Fitzroy 3065

A foodie friends of mine recommended me to Lune Croissant a while ago ever since she had a visit when it's still a tiny shop back in Elwood.  But after New York Times articles : Is the world best Croissant made in Australia? This little Melbourne croissant shop captures global attention including me.

Once, I wake up early, talking deep slumber. This Lune Croissanterie 2.0 store locate in the backstreets at Fitzroy. Waiting up in line in 5° degree for an hour and finally tasting it.

I am so pleased with the flavour choices, no doubt Lune Croissant are so good. My favourite picks goes to Reuben but If you are more looking for more of a sweet croissant I totally recommend the Almond.

SO.... is the world best croissant made in Australia? 

YES! Lune Croissant hands down is the best croissant I ever have. You will surely "noming" on the worlds best croissant!! 

But will I ever waking up that early to line up for this croissant again? Nah, not for a person that prioritise my sleeping hour more than anything - but if my friend is going for a bite, I will definitely ask them to deliver these yumminess to my door.

Last but not least, as a designer I'd like to mention the distinctive interior design by Studio Esteta. Together with the relocating situation, A Friend Of Mine Australia design studio also get to improve the whole brand identity, including logo, packaging, website and etc. 

I personally love the whole identity, the concept of space, lighting have so much characteristic. By compounding rocket and croissant with a good balance of design gives a playful feels with modern and contemporary touch to the brand.

Check out the croissant logo design of my own @thecroissantbakery